How We Clean Your Furnace

  1. Our experienced technicians will arrive promptly to lay down free protection equipment such as servicing mats and corner protectors to ensure your home remains clean and undamaged. 

  2. Our industrial vacuum hose will then be attached to your furnace.
  3. Two 8” access points are created on the side of your furnace, which will provide us with temporary access to begin the servicing. These will then be carefully sealed upon the cleaning of your air ducts and furnace.

  4. Our vacuum hose is then hooked up to this entry point, as this will remove the dust, dirt and debris coating your air ducts. 

  5. Next, our technician will thoroughly clean each heat register and return vent in your home by blowing powerful compressed air through your vents, which loosens the dust, dirt and debris coating your vents. 

  6. Our powerful industrial grade vacuum will then pull any remaining debris from your furnace to ensure a thorough furnace cleaning.

  7.  Our technicians will then replace your furnace filter with a new filter.
  8. Your furnace fan and motor, along with any other serviceable parts will then removed by our technicians, and all dirt and debris will be removed by our vacuum.

  9. Your furnace and air duct cleaning is now complete and our professional team will ensure that the area around your furnace is left in a neat and clean condition.

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