Furnace Cleaning FAQs

FAQs: Edmonton Furnace Cleaning | AmSteam

Q: How will you clean my ducts?

A: We attach a hose from our furnace truck into your furnace. We then make 2 8” diameter holes into your furnace. One on the hot side and one on the return. We plug our vacuum into the hot side above your furnace and go into to all your heat registers and blow 200psi if compressed air through them to allow the dirt and debris to flow into the main plenum above the furnace. Next we move the vacuum to the return side and access all your return vents and repeat the process. With the dust in the main plenum we make a 1” access holes and use compressed air to rake all accessible elbow in the vents, and work the dust back through the main plenum and to our furnace truck. Next we put the vacuum in the bottom part of your furnace and remove your old filter and replace with a new one. We remove your furnace fan and use our whipper air fittings to remove all dirt and debris from your A/C coils and heat exchange. Then we clean your fan sensors and circuitry. We then proceed to put it all back together for you and pack our truck.

Q: How often should I clean my vents?

A: Typically every 2-4 years. If you have pets, allergies or carpet we recommend every 2 years.

Q: How often should I change the filter?

A: This depends on what kind of filter you have. Thin fibreglass 1” and any hammock type should be every month. The result of not cleaning properly could cause fibreglass to get into the motor and bearings, which could result in a service call.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: Our furnace cleaning unit is a Biltwel Boss Series 1 conversion. It rates at 12,500cfm with filter bags and runs 200-220psi compressed air. Our latest technology with our system enables us to utilize forced air to capture the unseen and remaining debris other companies can leave behind.

Q: Is my dryer vent a fire hazard?

A: Dryer vents are a notorious fire hazard. Cleaning your dryer vent each time your furnace is cleaned will prevent this as well as creating a more energy efficient unit as it will assist in decreasing your dry time.

Q: How do you clean dryer vents?

A: We use a very flexible airline with a purpose built fitting on the end to propel itself from outside to the end of the vent. We use compressed air to rake the lint outside for us to capture. It takes few minutes and very cost affordable.

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