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Control Your Family’s Exposure to Allergens With Air Cleaners, Filters, and Hepa Filters

Environmental control is the key to reducing exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens Keeping a clean house free of dust, dander, smoke, pollen, and other airborne particulate matters will help to reduce the irritation and effect on family members with respiratory difficulties. Air cleaners, filters and hepa filters can play a role in helping to control or reduce the exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens.

Control Your Family’s Exposure to Allergens With Air Cleaners, Filters, and Hepa Filters
Reduce Airborne Particulates With a Hepa Air Filter Purifier

Reduce Airborne Particulates With a Hepa Air Filter Purifier

Several health authorities have recognized that certain types of air filtration systems can be beneficial in reducing the amount of airborne particulates in a room. The American lung association recommends using a hepa air filter purifier for the bedrooms of asthma suffers. The Mayo clinic recommends an air particle filter for household ventilation systems. Ionic filters and hepa filters have been endorsed or reconized by the Asthma and allergy foundation of America (AAFA) and the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval.

Choosing the Right Filtration System Matters

Selecting the wrong type of filtration system could exacerbate the problem by agitating and circulating the existing particulate matter throughout your house, so it is important to do your research thoroughly. Ionic air filters do not create high airflow patterns to clean the air and simply rely on negative ion attraction to collect the airborne particulate matter. They have demonstrates to have decent capture rate of airborne allergens and irritants like pollen, dander, tobacco smoke and dust and can help improve the quality of your indoor air environment. You can read more the ionic air filtration process at:

Air filtration systems should not be considered as a solution for any respiratory condition, nor as a reason to ignore sound medical advice and guidance about the removal of irritant sources and allergen habitats from your household.

They are also not a substitute for thorough and regular cleaning of your household environment. Selecting the right air purifier system can help complement and enhance your efforts to reducing airborne particulate matters, as well as maintain a healthier indoor breathing environment.

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