8 Weeks of Exceptional Deals

This winter, we’re offering our BEST Steam Cleaning Deals! The only fine print here is you have to book your appointment during the week of the deal you want! Our service always includes:

 Pre Spray
 Free Spot & Stain Removal - of course we can’t guarantee that we can completely remove them, but we’ll never charge extra for trying everything in our arsenal! 
We’ll shuffle around most furniture 

We never charge extra for waste and disposal. 

Winter Steam Cleaning

We have over 20 years of experience Steam Cleaning in Alberta so, don’t worry if you wake up the morning of your appointment and it’s -30! We have a few tricks up our sleeves to keep the frigid cold air out, ensuring your home is comfortable and toasty warm during the service. 

To take advantage of any of these offers, just mention it when you book your appointment.

Darren did a great job on the entire house, at a very reasonable price. He arrived right on time, gave very helpful advice, and provided fast, thorough service. Will definitely re-book with AmSteam and Darren next time.

Free Deodorizer & Disinfectant

January 6 to January 11, 2020

Do you have Kids? Pets? Allergies?

Adding a Deodorizer and Disinfectant to your steam cleaning services will disinfect the carpet and give it a fresh scent!

During this week, you’ll receive this treatment completely free when you book your Carpet, Upholstery or Area Rug Steam Cleaning service.


Free Deodorizer & Disinfectant
Free Mattress Cleaning

Free Mattress Cleaning

January 13 to January 18, 2020

That’s right! We clean Mattresses too!

Remove the top sheet from your mattress before we arrive, and we’ll steam clean any size mattress in place for no charge. Valid with all steam cleaning orders.


Pet Week!

January 20 to 25, 2020

Our special this week is for our Pet Parents! When you book your Steam Cleaning Service this week, you’ll receive 30% off of Pet Odor Control treatments AND we’ll Steam Clean your pet’s favourite bed or scratcher for FREE.

What is Pet Odor Control?

Good Question... Sometimes when pets have accidents we need to use additional treatments to remove the smell. Typically, we have amazing success with a disinfectant called Benefect. This disinfectant is made from botanical essential oils, it’s all natural and proven to kill 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.

Benefect is completely kid, pet and family friendly. How can we make this claim? Health Canada has reviewed the health and safety profile of this solution and has determined that it is composed of food grade ingredients that pose no negative health effects - so rest assured, your kids and pets can continue crawling and eating off of it after we leave ;)


Pet Week!
Buy 2 Rooms, Get 2 Rooms FREE

Buy 2 Rooms, Get 2 Rooms FREE

January 27 to February 3, 2020

If you need the whole house cleaned and you’ve been putting off getting it done because of the cost, then this deal is for you!

Book your steam cleaning service for this week, and for every 2 rooms you pay for, we’ll clean 2 for FREE! Let’s cut to the chase:

2 rooms and a hall is $109.95, now you can get 4 rooms and a hall cleaned for that price!

Which also means...

You could get 8 rooms and a hallway cleaned for the price of 4 which is.... $149.95!!

*A room is a space under 225 sqft. Spaces between 225 sqft and 550 sqft will be priced as 2 rooms and so on...


50% off Scotchgard

February 3 to 8, 2020

If you’ve had your carpet scotchgarded with a 3M product, then you know the value of this deal! 3M Scotchgard is expensive... I know you’re thinking that we’re probably getting it pretty cheap and in bulk but even still, when it’s time for us to restock it’s painful.

But, we can’t have 8 weeks of Exceptional Deals and not include Scotchguard! So here it is, this week only, every one gets this awesome, stain repelling, wear reducing product applied for 50% off!

3M Scotchgard Pricing - This week ONLY:

$12.50 per room*
$5 per hallway
$1 per stair
$25 per 3 Seat Sofa
$20 per 2 Seat Loveseat
$12.50 per chair

*this is for a room that is less than 225 sqft. If you have a larger room, say a 400 sqft recreation room, the you’d pay $25 to protect that entire space.

50% off Scotchgard
Free Steam Cleaning

Free Steam Cleaning

February 10 to February 15, 2020

Free Carpet Cleaning! This week when we pick up your Area Rug order, we’ll steam clean a room or a flight of stairs in your home for FREE.

That’s right!

After we roll up your area rugs and load them in our trucks, we’ll come back in and clean any room in your home (up to 225 sqft) or a flight of 13 stairs for FREE.


Free Chair Cleaning

February 17 to February 22, 2020

FREE Chair Cleaning this week!

When you get your carpets or furniture steam cleaned this week, we’ll clean an arm chair, glider or chaise in your home for FREE!

This offer is open to most fabrics and styles, however white or 100% cotton furniture is not included in this deal. If you’re not sure whether your chair falls in the category, snap a photo of it and email it to us and we’ll let you know!

Free Chair Cleaning
50% off Upholstery Cleaning

50% off Upholstery Cleaning

February 24 to February 29, 2020

Here it is, the 8th and FINAL Deal... 50% off of Upholstery Cleaning! This week, when you book your carpet cleaning, you can add on any upholstery in your home for 50% off! 

Pricing This Week:

Sofa: $45
Loveseat: $37.50
Chair: $22.50
5-Seat Sectional: $95.00
7 Seat Sectional: $110.00
Dining Room Chairs: $2 to $5
Loose Back Cushions: $5 each

*This offer is open to most fabrics and styles, however white or 100% cotton furniture is not included in this deal. If you’re unsure whether your furniture falls in this category, snap a photo and email it to us and we’ll let you know!