Restore Your Furniture’s Beauty with Steam Cleaning

AmSteam is your trusted provider of upholstery and furniture cleaning to St. Alberta, Edmonton & surrounding areas.

Wondering how to get a certain smell out of your upholstery? Has it seen brighter days? Nothing freshens up furniture like a full steam cleaning from AmSteam. Our technicians carefully clean most fabrics with our basic steam cleaning service but we do offer a unique cleaning process for cotton, white or specialty fabrics that need some extra attention.

We recommend investing in a professional upholstery cleaning every 2 to 3 years and more often if you have children and pets.

Clean Your Upholstered Furniture Today! 

 Our furniture cleaning experts are highly experienced in cleaning dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture.

Just a few things that AmSteam can steam clean:

  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Car Upholstery
  • Cushions
  • Headboards
  • Bar Stools 
  • Ottomans 
  • Bed Frames 
  • Benches 

What Our Customers Say

AmSteam always does a fantastic job cleaning my carpets. Very professional, efficient, and super friendly!

Furnace and Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton

Carpet Cleaning

You may not know it, but your carpet can be hiding nasty surprises: sand, dirt, pet hair, dust and many more unwelcome guests! We can kick them out and give your carpet a refresh.
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Flood Clean Up & Restoration

Whether it’s stubborn water stains or an all out flood, AmSteam can help your home get back on track with full clean up and Restoration Services.
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Furnace Cleaning

When is the last time your furnace was cleaned? Furnace cleaning is recommended every 2 years or after renovations, and can save you money on your energy bill, as well as improve your health.
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Not Sure If Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Right for You?

Our Customer Service Representatives are happy to answer any questions you have and to find a carpet cleaning solution that fits your budget – today.