Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

What Is the Best Way to Clean Carpet?

Steam cleaning is recommended by over 90% of carpet manufacturers as the preferred method of cleaning. AmSteam uses steam cleaning, which is hot water extraction. Hot water under high pressure is pumped into the carpet and extracted to clean the entire fibre. Chem-Dry or “dry foam cleaning” is another standard carpet cleaning method in Edmonton where they spray foam onto the carpet and suck it up. Although this method allows carpets to dry faster, it isn’t as effective as steam cleaning.

AmSteam also offers steam cleaning services for furniture and upholstery. 

Steam Cleaning is Edmonton’s Favorite Carpet Cleaning Method!

Our Professional Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning System is backed by a state-of-the-art hot water extraction system that is powerful enough to remove even the the most stubborn, ground-in residue from the carpets in your home.

At AmSteam, our professional truck-mounted steam cleaning system is superior to rental cleaners for 3 reasons:

Hotter Water
More Pressure
More Suction

Steam Cleaning is Edmonton’s Favorite Carpet Cleaning Method!

Carpet Cleaning Reviews

AmSteam was recommended to us by family members and were very reasonably priced. The technician, Darren was very knowledgable and arrived on time.
A few days later we found that there was still a considerable amount of pet hair in the carpet. We contacted AmSteam who were very professional and accommodating and told us that the website should not have actually stated removal of pet hair. AmSteam was happy to send out the technician again who did a thorough vacuuming.
All in all the service was great, just the website was wrong.
I would recommend AmSteam for future carpet cleaning.