3M Scotchgard Staingard

Have you ever had a spill and watched as your carpet soaked it up like a sponge? Or cleaned your carpets and in 6 months and they looked worse than they did before you had them cleaned?

For only a few cents per square foot you can enjoy your clean, fresh carpets much longer!

Instead of paying to have your carpets cleaned wall to wall every six months, have each fibre coated with 3M® Scotchgard Staingard. This product is an invisible coating designed to protect your carpet and provides a barrier against dirt. It is very similar to Scotchguard protection and offers several benefits:

  • Helps protect against both oil and water based stains
  • Helps stains release when carpets and furniture are steam cleaned
  • Because each fibre is sealed with scotchgard, the yarn is protected from premature damage
  • Helps YOU blot up and remove stains before they become permanent
  • Improves vacuuming- the dirt is easier to pick-up

You’ll be able to remove up to 3 times the amount of loose dirt and dust on your treated carpets as compared to untreated!

3M scotchgard Staingard is real carpet protection.


*Carpet manufactures recommend re-application of the product after each cleaning.

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