How To Get Your Pup To Go Potty in Cold Winter Weather

This post was graciously provided by Jessica Benoit RVT, CPDT-KA, Fear Free Certified Trainer of Companion Veterinary Clinic, Edmonton.

Cold Weather Bathroom Blues

It’s no secret that getting your precious pups to ’use the outdoor facilities’ during winter’s colder months comes as a challenge.

Today, we’re sharing some helpful tips to encourage your dog to maintain their housetraining habits even during the cold winder months.

Let’s dive in!

1. Bundle Up

Have your coat, boots, gloves and treats ready to go outside with them. This way we can ensure they are going to the bathroom and it gives us the chance to reinforce this behaviour.

2. Bundle Your Dog Up

Have their boots and coats ready, too! Some dogs would prefer to bundle up to go outside. If this makes your dog more comfortable and more inclined to go outside, it really is best for you to take the time to do this.

3. Shovel a Path

It sure can be daunting for us to look at the snow piling up outside, but can you imagine if you are only a couple of inches off the ground? Making a path will not only help keep your dog’s paws dry and less cold, but will encourage them to go outside.

4. Avoid Punishment

Do not punish your dog for accidents in the house. This will only teach them that you can be scary and unpredictable. Most dogs that are punished for accidents in the house will still do it, but they will do it where you are less likely to find it. Remember, punishment doesn’t work in teaching your dogs what they are supposed to do.

5. Clean Up Accidents

Accidents happen. Be sure to clean up any ’woopsies’ with an enzymatic cleaner. This will help discourage your dog from urinating or defecating in the same spot again.

Consistency and positive reinforcement of the desired behaviour really can go a long way when it comes to housetraining habits.

Bundle up and enjoy the winter season with your furry friend!

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