How to Control Dust Mites in Your Home

Dust mites are a constant issue for many people. In fact, over 50 per cent of all allergic asthmatics are sensitive to house dust mites, according to the Asthma Society of Canada. They are everywhere, small, invisible and, surprisingly enough, fairly simple to control. All it takes is some thorough cleaning and constant diligence. If your home has a dust mite problem, or a family member has asthma, use these tips to help control the dust mites in your home.

  1. Get Allergy-Proof Covers for Your Mattress
    Mattresses and box springs are some of the most common places where dust mites like to hide. Since we spend hours lying on our beds, dust mites can also cause the most problems for people while they are asleep. This is why many experts recommend you cover your mattresses and box springs with allergy-proof covers. These can help stop dust mites from settling into your bedroom and keep them from irritating you while you are asleep.

  2. Keep Things Dry
    Dust mites are similar to mold and mildew in that they love humidity. One of the best strategies for keeping dust mites under control is to watch your home’s humidity. This includes air conditioning during humid days and proper air ventilation year round. Also, any spills and stains on your carpets should be dried thoroughly after you have cleaned them up.

  3. Vacuum Regularly
    Dust mites love carpets almost as much as they love mattresses, so you can keep them under control by vacuuming on a regular basis. Depending on your home and lifestyle, twice-weekly vacuuming will be enough to control the dust mites in your home. Be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter for a better, more effective clean.

  4. Steam Clean Your Carpets
    Steam cleaning carpets is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your carpets free of dust mites and looking their best. Just like with vacuuming, how often you steam clean depends on your home and lifestyle. Generally, you should have your carpets steam cleaned twice per year, either by renting the equipment or hiring professionals. If you have pets, children or someone with asthma, you may want to have your carpets steam cleaned more often.

  5. Do Your Laundry
    Bedsheets, that pile of dirty clothes, pillow cases, couch covers – all of these things can house dust mites and all can be put through the wash on a fairly regular basis. Regularly doing laundry is one of the easiest ways to keep dust mites at bay, and it’s something we should all be doing more frequently, anyways.Keeping your home clean, dry, and properly maintained is your best defence against dust mites. Keep your sheets washed, your carpets vacuumed, and your mattresses covered. When it’s time for a steam clean of your carpets, be sure to contact professional carpet cleaners. They will give your carpets the best cleaning possible and keep the dust mite population in your home to a minimum.