carpet upholstery cleaningIt’s just a couple of weeks until Christmas – are you ready? Is the tree trimmed? The fireplace swept? Or is the mere thought of gettingready for guests overwhelming you? Here’s a holly-jolly checklist for you and your helpers to get ready for the holiday season.

  • Delegate the chores: You shouldn’t be the only one tinkering away – enlist some little elves to help you and things will get done in a flash.
  • Clean your walls. Dirty walls are something we never notice… until 20 minutes before guests arrive. Wipe them down with a light-coloured damp cloth and avoid the day-of panic. (Do the light switches and doorknobs too!)
  • Dust and wipe the baseboards. After you’re done on the walls, ask a tinier family member to make the baseboards sparkle. (This is a great kid-friendly job.)
  • Thin out the main coast closet to make room for guests’ coats.
  • Clean your medicine cabinets. We all know you’re going to do a bathroom deep-clean – but what about those rimy medicine cabinets? You know they’re going to have a peek.
  • Wipe down your kitchen cabinets, table legs and backs/headrests of kitchen chairs. This one is a must if you have kids. And don’t forget under the sink.
  • Vacuum the “odd spots”. Under the couches, the bottoms of your curtains, in between the couch cushions… All the spots you tend to look at and think “I’ll do it next time.”
  • Call AmSteam book your carpet cleaning, upholstery or area rug cleaning. You will need to allow a day or two for drying and vacuuming after but if you book now you’ll be ready!
  • Do the day-before cleaning: vacuum, tidy and freshen.

To book your holiday carpet cleaning or to inquire about any of our other services call us today!