7 Tips to Easy Holiday Entertaining

It’s that time of year – the holidays are rife with parties and you are probably hosting a couple yourself! After cleaning and tidying, getting the duct cleaning and carpet cleaning out of the way (an AmSteam must!) you may turn to panic mode. But there’s no need for stress; here are 7 simple ways to make your holiday get-togethers as easy as pie.

  1. If you’re throwing more of a cocktail affair, try to serve only lighter food and lots of veggie based products to your guests. This will help keep them lively and chatting with each other.
  2. Serve simple recipes and don’t kill yourself trying to make everything from scratch. It’s okay to use premade pizza dough or frozen cocktail shrimp. It will make your shopping trip easier as well.
  3. Buy more food and alcohol than you’ll need… just in case. It’s much better to have more than enough than to run out.
  4. Try to serve food that everyone will enjoy. Unless you’re having a “seafood extravaganza”, have several different types of dishes for people to try. There should be a variety of seafood, meat, veggie and even sometimes vegan dishes to try. If you’d like to make the evening EVEN easier, ask everyone to bring their favourite dish!
  5. Put out a different snack every our or hour and a half. This keeps people form stuffing themselves and helps take the edge off of any alcoholic drinks consumed.
  6. Try to hold back some of the food in the pantry or fridge and refill your dishes as they empty instead just throwing everything on to the tables at once. This will keep the food from spoiling.
  7. Participate in your own party! If you are the host, then host! Don’t spend all night in the kitchen; instead pre-prepare as much as possible and lighten the workload for during the shindig.

This year try and make your holiday entertaining as easy as possible and enjoy the season!

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