Improve Your Indoor Air Quality... With Plants!

Decorating a home is always a balance between practicality and artistry. Everyone wants their house to look beautiful, but nobody wants to try to keep a high-maintenance home looking fresh and new every day. That’s why we pick beautiful but sturdy furniture, and choose floor and window covering that are attractive but easy to keep clean. One way to beautify a home while improving its cleanliness is to decorate with live house plants. Not only do they add a touch of life and colour to your home, their natural properties can make the air cleaner in every room in your house. Most popular house plants are very low maintenance, requiring only a bit of water and an occasional trim to stay beautiful.

How Can House Plants Help My Air Quality?

It’s common knowledge that plants produce oxygen. Biologists call our tropical rainforests “the lungs of the planet”. Fortunately, you can harness that same oxygen-producing power on a much smaller scale to add a bit of freshness to your home, but even small house plants take it a step further than that. When plants use photosynthesis, they filter contaminants from the air. They can significantly reduce the presence of benzene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere, making it safer to breathe. Studies have even found that rooms with house plants can have up to 60 per cent less airborne microbes, including harmful mold spores.

Which Plants Should I Use?

Since all plants use photosynthesis, most plants are suitable for the purpose of improving your indoor air quality. However, some plants are more effective than others. Spider plants and rubber plants are both very popular choices because they do a stellar job of cleaning rooms and offices while being extremely easy to care for. Peace lilies produce beautiful and unique blossoms along with oxygen, and larger plants like weeping fig trees add grander touch of nature to any indoor environment.

Caring For Your Indoor Plants

If you want your plants to take care of you, you need to take good care of them. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult. Most indoor plants don’t grow too large and don’t require any special treatment. Watering them every few days is usually enough to keep them happy. If you see any dead leaves or flowers, simply remove them along with any built up dust. Some indoor plant food will provide any additional nutrients your plants require. If you have cats or small children, remember to keep your house plants safely out of reach (hint: cats are especially fond of spider plants).

Other Ways to Care for Your Air

One of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality is to keep your floors and surfaces clean. Dust regularly, don’t leave food or dishes out and about, and open the window if you’re going to use strong-smelling cleaners. Also, book a carpet cleaning or furnace cleaning with AmSteam to see a huge improvement in your home’s air quality. Better air and a beautiful home or office are easier to achieve than you think.

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