duct cleaningThe cold weather is creeping up on us and your furnace will be kicking in soon… Is it ready for the winter? Over the dry, dusty summer debris and dirt can accumulate in your furnace and ducts, leaving it filled with particles you don’t want floating around your house, or your lungs!

Have your furnace inspected: Call our local gas company and schedule a free appointment to have your furnace checked every year. The earlier the better – they get booked up fast once the temperature dips below zero.

Schedule a furnace cleaning: Call AmSteam to clean and disinfect your furnace and ducts. Getting rid of dirt, dust mites and pet hair will minimize your exposure to allergens during our typically dry winter.

Change your furnace filter: When the winter months roll in, your filter should be changed on a monthly basis because you furnace will be working overtime to try and keep you toasty!

Install a programmable thermostat OR program it: Be sure to tell your thermostat to lower the temperature while you’re sleeping – you could be saving big bucks this winter.

Inspect your flue: Make sure there is no debris collected in it (twigs, leaves, nests, etc.).

Tidy up: Keep the area around your furnace clean – don’t stack large items around it. Also, Uncover all vents and make sure they are open to get the proper air flow in your home.

Click here for more information on keeping your furnace clean or to book an appointment.