furnace cleaningSince spring is just around the corner it’s time to freshen the air in your home! It’s perfect timing as getting your furnace cleaned can eliminate some of the pet hair, dust and debris that circulates through your house.Here are some frequently asked questions that our customers have asked us about AmSteam furnace cleaning:

  • What is in my air ducts?
    Your ducts may contain: bacteria, carpet fibers, cat litter, dander, drywall dust, dust mites and their feces, food crumbs, hair, insects, mildew, mold, new construction debris, pet food, pet hair, rodent excrement and remains, skin scale and viruses. Now consider that your standard fiberglass filter is less than 7% effective at stopping these items from passing through your filter, and back into the air – that you and your family breathe.

  • Did You Know Your Dryer Vent Could Be a Fire Hazard?
    Dryer vents are a notorious fire hazard! Dryer lint and garbage can easily get lodged in the vent and continually blasted with hot air. Cleaning your dryer vent each time your furnace is cleaned will help circumvent this danger as well as creating a more energy efficient unit as it will decrease your drying time. AmSteam uses a flexible airline with a specially designed fitting on the end that propels itself to the end of the vent. We use compressed air to rake the link outside so we can capture it. It takes only a few minutes and is an affordable add-on to your furnace cleaning package.

  • How often should I change my furnace filter?
    We get this question quite frequently and it really depends on the type of filter you have thin fibreglass 1” or a Hammock filter should be changed every month. Cloth and 3M filters should be changed every 3 months and permanent filters should be cleaned monthly. If the filter is not changed monthly the fibreglass in the filter could get into the motor and bearings and resulting in a service call.

  • What kind of equipment does AmSteam use?
    Our furnace cleaning unit is a Bitwel Boss Series 1 conversion. Our latest system technology enables us to utilize forced air to capture unseen and remaining debris that other companies leave behind.

For more information on our furnace cleaning services, call us today: 780-487-0184.