Five Tips for Inspecting Your Home Furnace

As the season of ice and snow is quickly approaching, it’s important to ensure your furnace is fully functioning so you can keep your home warm and comfortable. Here are five tips for inspecting your home furnace.

1. Check the Power Supply

No matter what type of heating system you have, it’s important to check your furnace regularly to ensure it’s operating properly. It may sound obvious, but when a heating system malfunctions, the problem is usually at the source. No matter what type of heating system you have, it’s important to check that the furnace has not lost power. If you’ve got a malfunctioning furnace, chances are one of three components has been affected: the heat/cold source, the distribution system, or the thermostat.Fuel, for example, may not be getting to your unit properly. If you’ve got an older gas or oil furnace, that gas or oil may not be igniting. If you can get your furnace to turn on but no heat is being distributed within the rooms of your house, it’s quite likely that the problem doesn’t lie with the source, but rather with the distribution system.

2. Check the Thermostat

One way to avoid problems with your home furnace is to regularly check to see if the thermostat is properly set. A variety of things can cause a thermostat to go out of whack, so if your furnace is acting funny, it may be a very simple fix. If necessary, raise or lower the setting on your home furnace. Again, if you’re dealing with an older unit, it’s imperative that you inspect whether or not there is an adequate supply of oil or gas, and that it’s igniting properly.

3. Be Safe

While it’s important to inspect your home furnace on a regular basis, it’s also important to make sure that you follow certain safety measures. Before doing any kind of work on any kind of furnace or heating system, make sure that you turn off all power supplies to the unit to avoid any electrocution and other injuries. If you’re not sure which circuit your system operates on, try and remove the main fuse to the circuit breaker to cut off all power to the house. You don’t want to do any work on a powered-on furnace, as that can be very dangerous.

4. If You Smell Gas, Get Out

If at any point, you smell gas (and your unit uses gas), leave your home and do not reenter until you’ve contacted your gas company or fire department and they’ve given you the go-ahead. Even if you only smell trace amounts of gas, it’s crucial that you treat the problem immediately.

5. Call a Professional

While most home heating systems are fairly simply to maintain, if you are experiencing problems with your furnace or simply feel like you’re not up to the task of inspecting it, call in a professional. It’s especially imperative to do so if the fuse blows regularly when your home furnace turns on, as there is likely a problem with the electrical system and you will need to have your home furnace repaired or, depending on the severity of the problem, replaced.

Remember, having your furnace inspected by a professional is the best way to ensure it is ready for the winter season. Book your furnace cleaning appointment today to have an Amsteam specialist inspect your unit!