Changing Your Furnace Filter Matters

Your furnace filter is an often forgotten part of the ecosystem in your home. It is the part of your heating system that blocks all of the dust, debris, pet hair, and other allergens from getting distributed into your home. As the weather turns colder your furnace will be turning on more and more and you will want to change your filter at least once per month, especially if you are a pet owner or indoor smoker.

Many people don’t know that a very common reason for your furnace to break down is a dirty filter and motor. Having any parts of your heating system be constantly or consistently dirty will lead to decreased performance. As the dirt and debris accumulates, air becomes less able to pass through the filter, causing a blockage.

Changing your filter often can also save you money; if your furnace works more efficiently it will ultimately save you dollars in energy costs.  Your furnace will be on less and your bills will be lower.

Another very important reason to change your furnace filter regularly is to maintain the air quality in your home. Dirty filters will allow dust and allergens to distribute more easily through the home – this is especially hard on asthma sufferers and small children. Dirty filters can lead to heightened allergies and discomfort.

How Do I Know When to Change my Furnace Filter?

Your furnace filter should be changed:

  • every 3 months in the warmer weather (at least),
  • every month during the winter,
  • every month If you are a smoker,
  • more often if you have pets.

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