Buying a house is just the beginning – home maintenance is a journey that lasts forever! Between the yard upkeep and furnace cleaning, you’re looking at a top-to-bottom job. But don’t despair – some maintenance tips are more important than others.

  1. Keep the temperature in your home steady or install a programmable thermostat. It will help you save money and save your furnace a little bit of effort during the time of the year in Edmonton when it works the hardest!
  2. Replace your furnace filters monthly as they tend to need changing more often in the winter. While you’re changing the filters, do a monthly check up on your humidifier and humidity level. Too much humidity can cause ice to build up on the windows.
  3. Keep your furnace nice and clean. Schedule a furnace cleaning once every year to two years. This will keep your hone heated properly and more efficiently. It can also improve the air quality in your home. Air flow in a home is always important, but in the winter it’s especially vital. Make sure your air vents and intakes are not obstructed by furniture, drapes or debris. A great way to make sure all of your vents and ducts are clean and free of dust and dirt is to schedule an appointment for furnace cleaning. It may improve the air quality in your home. Also, have your furnace checked yearly by your local gas company to make sure it is in proper working order.
  4. Keep your eaves troughs clear of leaves and branches. Clogged eaves troughs can cause flooding and damage to your roof, basement and everything in between! It’s a couple of hours well spent.
  5. Many of us forget to do a regular check on our smoke and CO2 detectors. It’s important to make sure that not only the batteries are still working but that the unit itself is still in good condition.
  6. Steam cleaning your carpets at least once a year is a great way to refresh your home and keep the carpets free of dirt, pet hair and odour. Also, carpet cleaning can help make it easier to remove dirt during your every-day vacuuming duties.
  7. If you have a wood-burning fireplace give a quick call to a local chimney sweep. Cleaning out your fireplace and chimney once a year will help prevent fires and damage to the inside of your home. It will also give you a chance to have your chimney inspected thoroughly for leaks and obstructions.

Keeping up with your home and the heart of your home – the furnace – will keep everything looking, and feeling newer, fresher and running smoothly.