3 Benefits of Having Your Home Vents Cleaned Regularly

Here’s why you shouldn’t be avoiding cleaning those home vents.

Time to clean your home vents! Before you run screaming for the hills, here are a few things to consider that might make you rethink the decision to put off the vent cleaning until next year. 

There’s something lurking within.

It seems silly, right? They’re just vents—how dirty can they even get? No one’s walking around in there or anything. Trust someone who’s had to send a white cat through her vents to hunt down that one pesky mouse who managed to get into the house: your vents get dirty inside—and there may be little someones walking about in there…furry little someones who have four feet and a long tail, for instance—or worse! Not-so-furry even littler someones who have six or eight legs (the horror). The best way to make sure your home vents are clear of all pests is to get your home vents cleaned regularly. Insect and rodent stowaways aside, even the cleanest house with the most tightly manned and pest-proofed barricades at all entrance points has one pest in common: dust mites. These are relatively innocuous—unless there are a lot of them. Then they can contribute to allergic reactions, or even just that stale smell that sometimes doesn’t seem like it wants to leave your home. How often do you vacuum your floors? Once a week? Consider the fact that the same amount of dirt that gets on your floor can end up in your home vents. Plus, any dirt that you stir up once a week while cleaning can end up in those vents—or any dirt or pollen that comes through the window. More importantly, after you’ve spend that much time vacuuming all of your floors, do you know what happens? The air moving through your vents blows some of that dirt back out onto your clean floors. Are you frustrated with how often you are vacuuming and washing the floors while your socks still seem to be getting dirty? You may need to clean your vents. Once you do, you may find your general cleaning (and the associated expenses) drop. 

Besides the general discomfort of having potential intruders—dust and pollen included—there are also a number of health factors involved.

Getting your vents cleaned regularly and professionally can actually save you from illness and other hazards. Let’s put it this way: you wouldn’t skip washing a spoon your child eats with because it doesn’t look dirty. There could be germs—and you can’t always see germs! Your vents are no different. They may be out-of-sight, but that doesn’t mean the dirt isn’t in there, and it could be creating health risks. How? Because the dirt might not just be an innocent little family of dust mites; it might be pollen, allergens, pet dander, mould, spores, mildew, and even other contaminants, like chemical residue and toxins, that could be harmful to inhale—especially considering the amount of time you spend breathing the air in your home. 

And then there’s the cost.

You may be thinking that regularly cleaning those home vents is going to add up to extra costs and expenditures. Well, that’s not actually the case. Cleaning your vents regularly can actually keep your heating and cooling system working more efficiently (nothing works well when it is bogged down by dirt), and if it has to work less hard to disperse the air around your home, then it is saving you money on both your heating (or cooling) and electricity bill. You will also save on the repair bill because routine cleaning can enable the professionals to spot potential problems before they create significant damages to the whole system—or before they leave you without heat in the middle of the winter. The benefits are plenty.

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