Could the air in your home be harming you and your loved ones? If you haven’t had your furnace cleaned in a while, or filters changed it very well could be. For many air duct cleaning is an afterthought on the long list of home maintenance tasks. Many can’t even remember the last time they had theirs cleaned!

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Improve Your Air Quality

Your home’s air ducts and furnace are one of the major systems in your house and there’s no question that they add to the conditions of your home and your family’s health.

By regularly servicing and maintaining this system, you will ensure that the air in your home is free from all of these common pollutants.

These pollutants include: Dust, Dirt, Pollen, Dander, Mold, Spores, Mildew and Dust mites.

Besides breathing easier, our Edmonton furnace cleaning services allow you and your family to avoid the troubling symptoms of poor indoor air quality.

These symptoms include: Coughing, Sneezing, Dizziness and Headaches.

In addition to the regular members of your family, consideration should also be given to those who are more sensitive to air quality.

This includes people with: Allergies, Asthma and Other respiratory issues.

Improve Your Air Quality
Save Money

Save Money

As with any filter such as your kitchen’s coffee filter and your car’s air filter, over time, particles and contaminants begin to build up.

As this build-up occurs, the system is unable to provide effective filtration.

In your home’s furnace, this means kicking it into overdrive.

When it is unable to effectively blow clean air through the filter because of built-up residue, it essentially begins to work harder.

This hard work is then fuelled by your hard-earned dollars.

By regularly maintaining and cleaning your furnace, it is able to run smoothly and effectively, which then allows homeowners to enjoy a lower heating and cooling bill and improved efficiency. 

How Often Should I Have Duct Cleaning Done?

The industry recommends air duct cleaning on average about every 5 years, but certainly if the house is older and never cleaned, and when there is visible dust or mold in the duct system, or a recent rodent problem. Indoor air pollution in the form of dander, dust and pollen particulate matter can be a real irritant for suffers of asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. In addition to removal of all direct irritant sources and minimizing the irritant containment materials in your house, you should also consider the indoor ventilation and filtration system of home.

Learn more about the benefits of having your air ducts cleaned regularly.

How Often Should I Have Duct Cleaning Done?

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