March Promotions

This winter, we’re offering our BEST Carpet and Furnace Cleaning Deals! The only fine print here is you have to take advantage of this offer before March 31st!

Our Carpet Cleaning service always includes:

 Pre Spray
 Free Spot & Stain Removal - of course we can’t guarantee that we can completely remove them, but we’ll never charge extra for trying everything in our arsenal! 
We’ll shuffle around most furniture 

Our Furnace Cleaning service always includes:

 Pre-inspection: Our technician will do a visual inspection of your furnace and exposed ducting to ensure everything is running efficiently

 Walk through your home with you to count up the number of vents and help shuffle anything out of the way that’s blocking access to those vents

 Supply and install a standard 1" filter

 Post Inspection: The technician will ensure that the furnace is running and operating properly prior to leaving your home. 

We never charge extra for waste and disposal.  
I had Todd from Am Steam come out to clean my furnace and vents today. He was awesome! Very personable and professional. Whether its furnace cleaning, carpet cleaning or restoration, I highly recommend Am Steam!

2 Rooms and a Hallway for $79.95

Expires March 31, 2020

This month only, we’ll clean 2 rooms and a hallway in your home for just $79.95! But what’s the catch? 

There isn’t one.

As long as your rooms are less than 225 sqft each, they count. We don’t care if you’re in an apartment, how soiled it is or or how long it takes to clean it, when we say $79.95, we’ll clean it for $79.95!

To redeem this deal, mention it when you book. 

2 Rooms and a Hallway for $79.95
Furnace and 11 Vents for $99

Furnace and 11 Vents for $99

Expires March 31, 2020

This month, we’ll clean your Furnace and first 11 vents for $99 - That’s a savings of $50!

Additional Vents are $10 each.

No extra or hidden charges, just keep in mind when you count up your vents that cold/warm air returns do count toward the total vent count. 

 To redeem this deal, mention it when you book.